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Where will technology fit into our curriculum in September 2020?

What a year! A year that both teachers, children and parents will not forget. A balancing act of work, home schooling and maintaining sanity in the wake of Covid.

I am a teacher, mother of two and business owner and the balancing act has taught me to adapt. Having to pivot quite quickly to deliver training sessions online, rather than face to face, and ensure continuity of training has been a whirlwind. However, it was doable and has been achieved.

Children have taken home schooling in their stride and through the use of online platforms such as Seesaw, Google Classroom, Purplemash, etc have been able to access work from home. Learning how to log on, access work and upload their projects has been a revelation and children have enjoyed learning how to navigate and be responsible for their work.

Learning how to use technology to enhance learning opportunities. and access, edit and present their work has been part of the day to day expectations. Moving towards developing digital skills that are a key part of children's future careers has already started. My ask is will this continue in September? Will all that teachers and parents have taught and achieved during lock down be forgotten. Yes, a recovery curriculum is essential but why can't this be achieved by combining technology with the learning objectives that need to be taught?

Please share your thoughts and your plans for September. Does you recovery curriculum include technology as a means of engagement?

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