School Workshops

Computing4KidsNE offer 


Half day and full day workshops for EYFS, KS1 or KS2

Providing children with a stimulating environment enables children to explore and achieve. Allowing children time to investigate and understand that 'getting it wrong' is part of the learning process.  


Being able to harness children's natural curiosity and guide them rather than instruct allows children to progress more rapidly.

EYFS Workshop

EYFS Workshops 

Chose one of our EYFS workshops and look at how computational thinking can form part of all lessons.

Children will enjoy a theme based session linked to topics your are already teaching. Children will have fun whilst learning to tinker, collaborate, problem solve and understand how technology forms part of their life.


Key Stage One Workshop

Get support with any aspect of the computing curriculum for Key Stage One.

Look at how to enrich learning, use resources effectively, combine 'plugged' and 'unplugged' and support all learners in your classroom. 


Key Stage 2 Workshop

Inspire the children in this key phase to understand how computing forms part of their wider world.

Get support with any aspect of the computing curriculum, develop project based learning that is meaningful, fun and continues to build on the computational skills of logic, tinkering, collaboration, debugging and problem solving.