Learning through exploration, communication and collaboration. 


C4Kne company aimed at developing and inspiring childrens' love of computing.

Teaching workshops that incorporate innovative technologies to encourage children of all abilities to excel in all area of the computing curriculum. 

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What is coding?



Children are taught to write and use a special language that a computers understand called CODE. We use this language to instruct a computer to perform functions. More schools are seeing the importance of teaching this skill to young students all over the world due to a shortage in this key skill.

How does this benefit my child?

Children feel successful when they get a computer to do what they tell it to.


Children learn to communicate their thoughts in a more structured way. Using step by step instructions.Helping them become more methodical.


Develop creativity and encourage children to to think of ways of 

achieving a goal. 

A little about us.....


My name is Vicky Dodds and I am the founder and director of Computing4KidsNE.  I am a trained primary teacher with 17 years experience. Recently I achieved the Primary Certificate for Computing from the BSC National Centre for Computing.


During my teaching career I held a teaching and learning responsibility for Computing for 14 years. My passion for Computing was the deciding factor in developing my own company.

During my time as a Computing lead I lead INSET training to highlight the changes in the Computing Curriculum. Supporting teachers in the provision of computing and mapping out software and assessment that enabled children to progress. 

I support my local community by leading CAS Kingston Park and CAS Gateshead West where I am a community lead engaging primary teachers in CPD. I am an avid supporter in sharing good practise therefore I support Barefoot Computing as an ambassador for their resources and leading training sessions. In addition I am a register facilitator for STEM Learning and a Kapow Ambassador. The key part of these roles are to flagship resources teachers can use to develop an enriched computing curriculum that forms part of day to day learning. 





Providing children with a stimulating environment enables children to explore and achieve. Allowing children time to investigate and understand that 'getting it wrong' is part of the learning process that will enable them to get it right. Being able to harness children's natural curiosity and guide them rather than instruct allows children to progress more rapidly. 





Teaching coding allows your child to learn how to structure their thoughts, develop key problem solving skills.  Children who learn computing across the curriculum can begin to see a relationship between subjects as well as between school and life outside of the classroom. Teaching basic programming allows children to become computational and critical thinkers.




Having fun, talking about learning and sharing ideas to support and communicate with others is central to learning. Learning is a joint venture with all involved. Sharing ideas and misconceptions. Working as a team helps makes the learning journey more powerful.  All children have their own starting point!