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School/Nursery Workshops

Providing children with a stimulating environment enables children to explore and achieve. Allowing children time to investigate and understand that 'getting it wrong' is part of the learning process.  Developing that will enable them to get it right. Being able to harness children's natural curiosity and guide them rather than instruct allows children to progress more rapidly.  

Computing4KidsNE offer half day and full day workshops.  Sessions are developed around the needs and experience of the children being taught and to aid teachers in adding coding to their existing curriculum and topics. 

Half term session providing CPD to staff through a 'team teach' approach enables staff to become more confident in delivering the computing curriculum.  Development of planing and assessment to support the teaching of the Computer Science strand of the Computing Curriculum.  

Afterschool Workshops

After school clubs are a fantastic way of getting children to continue their coding journey. We match the ability and age of the children to suitable apps and software to enable children to progress and have fun.

We provide Coding Workshops for both KS1 and KS2.

Simply get in contact if you are a school and are wishing to develop a coding club in your school.

Afterschool Workshops

Community Workshops

We love to extend our workshops into the community through our Saturday and holiday sessions. Please find our workshop information on our Facebook page. Keep up to date with our page on twitter.

We also provide workshops for birthday parties which are tailored to suit the child's interest. 

Please get in touch to find out more!

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