Resource Library

Accessing support materail is crucial for developing subject knowledge.  These videos are intended on helping teachers to develop subject knoweldge which can be applied to project work. Enabling teachers and trainees to spend time develop planing and assessment to support the teaching of the Computer Science strand of the Computing Curriculum.  

The Crumble Kit

How to set up the crumble kit

This video look at how to set the crumble kit up. Begin looking at how to use the sparkle.

Using the sparkle baton


This video look at how to use the sparkle baton. Varying the time between turning the sparkles on and off.

Great websites

This website is great for promoting independent learning. There are lots of fantastic projects that the children can follow and learn. A program of work is developed according to age and ability. Children are supported with audio and written instruction.

Useful Educational Apps

There are many great educational apps and websites that can be used at both home and school to develop key computing/computer science skills.


This is a fabulous resource for teachers/parents. Encouraging children to develop their knowledge of algorithms through problem solving.  Children need to develop the correct procedure to instruct the robot around the course. As the children work through the levels they are asked to debug and find errors, tinker and find the correct route. This is a very progressive app and children can develop if further by designing programs where repetition can be used.